This is a PSLE Preparation Course spread over 3 years (Primary 4 to Primary 6). Contents do not repeat with each new academic year. In addition, foundation supplementary courses are conducted during June holidays for catch up. Foundation courses are open to all.

About the Courseoral_chinse

  • Training of Singapore Ministry of Education Exam Structure and requirements
  • Digestion and Evaluation on the spot
  • Monthly feedback to parents on student progress
  • Structured system to notify parents on incidents
  • Two courses available: Oral &Compo Course and Main Paper Course

Oral &Compo Course

  • Targets Paper 1: Composition, and Paper 3: Oral and Listening Comprehension
  • We have latest 2017 PSLE Oral format (Video conversation)
  • Structure, content, expression, marking key, analyzing topic, strategic writing techniques
  • School standards grading of work, strengthening and correcting
  • Select phrases to memorize, how to memorise
  • Exam time management skills
  • Structured modules to stretch student’s differentiating abilities
  • Training of reading, picture and conversation techniques to achieve full marks
  • Detailed PSLE Oral Briefing to help students understand the scoring format
  • Structured coverage of picture conversation content, high value-adding to target full mark performance
  • Stimulated individual oral test, PSLE System grading and Examiners’ Evaluation, Correction and re-enforcement

Main Paper Course

  • Targets Paper 2: MCQ and Comprehension
  • We have 2017 PSLE Paper 2 format
  • MCQ Full Mark Training
  • Structured and researched Training
  • MOE Grading System
  • Exam Time Management
  • Intensive and extensive coverage of MOE syllabus by chapters
  • Evaluation of students’ mastery of each component
  • Structured Modular training to achieve 90% hit for open ended comprehension

Motivational Approach with Lu Lao Shi Rewards Program

  • Students are rewarded through Lu Lao Shi rewards program in exchange for their hard work during class


  • We are located at Bukit Batok, 10minutes from the train station
  • The class size to strictly maximum 5 students per class
  • Training Materials fully provided, just bring your water bottle