Thank you for enrolling into Lu Lao Shi’s Strategic Course we congratulate you for securing your place. We are excited for many more successful years ahead to ace the PSLE Chinese Examinations.

Looking back the successful years before, we have exceeded the expectations of our parents and joined them in their celebration in success. However, success includes hard work and perseverance which is most salient in this equation. We encourage parents to spur their child on rather than to cripple them in war. Let the student have a fighting chance so that his/her mindset will be adjusted to battle-mode during exams.

Many parents have classified the training here similar to a General preparing her warriors for battle. Testimonials speak for themselves. Mastering the Chinese Examination techniques has never been more effective in this Strategic Course.

At Lu Lao Shi’s Strategic Training Class, we strive to achieve an environment that encompass around discipline, respect, best efforts, calibration, and nurturing. Where Lu Lao Shi remains dedicated and committed to helping her students achieve their goals, she requests that the students reciprocates the same levels of dedication, commitment and result-orientation.

Lu Lao Shi believes in driven efforts to attain personal best in order to create a positive learning curve. We encourage our parents to peruse our classroom policy to share common objectives and understanding. Lu Lao Shi strives to make your educational investment worth the while.